I see you’ve found my blog!  よろしくおねがいします!Nice to meet you! The name’s Emilia, previously Annabeth, but you can call me either.  I’m just another blogger who enjoys making posts about anime, K-Pop, Japan, and life!  I also play Line Play, so you might occasionally find posts about that as well.  😉  You can talk to… Continue reading Welcome!


So……….. it’s been a while, huh? I wonder if anyone’s even here…. welp. Uh, yeah, hey, it’s me, um, Annabeth. If you don’t remember me, I totally understand. I mean I don’t even really remember my past self. I guess I’ve changed a lot? Maybe, maybe not. Well, anyways. I haven’t been on all summer.… Continue reading Revival

Oh, Gosh!

FISRT, I DON’T KNOW WHO’S STILL HERE, BUT DON’T KILL ME!!!! Okay, I do want to apologize for leaving suddenly for like 3 months, but I have a few petty reasons….. I lost my password… well I forgot it and then some miracle happened and I somehow remembered the login haha…. I’ve been kind of… Continue reading Oh, Gosh!

ALMOST 300!?

Thank you SO MUCH for getting me this far. I’m so grateful to know 296 wonderful people are interested in reading my posts. (Yes, I’m following myself so I can see my posts if there’s mistakes – if that makes sense.) I truly am happy to see that this blog has grown so much, and I… Continue reading ALMOST 300!?